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We’re just a couple of savvy moms who had a rather interesting conversation one day

This is how it began:

A few years ago we were part of a group of new mothers who hooked up to meet weekly at a local coffee shop to talk – and commiserate – about our adorable newborn babies.  The talk primarily focused on breastfeeding, sleep, diaper rash and, yes, sleep.  But one day, the chatter took a slightly different direction.

Instead of talking about our kids, we talked about ourselves, about our own bodies.  Quietly each mom opened up about her body after delivery:  a broken tailbone, horrible sex, a leaky bladder when running and an overall feeling that things were different down there.  At one point, a mom leaned forward and said daringly, “We should write the X-rated version of childbirth!”  It certainly felt like an illicit conversation - as if we were being naughty for sharing these stories.  Fortunately, the skies didn’t open up and lightening didn’t strike us down.

And that was the start of

Since then, we’ve been committed to building a website that provides moms with the plain facts about the impact of pregnancy and delivery on a woman’s body.  Much of the information has come from first hand experience with pelvic floor injuries.  A great deal of information was culled from two books:  Pelvic Health & Childbirth by Dr. Magnus Murphy and Ever Since I Had My Baby by Dr. Roger Goldberg.  And we gained insights from the on-line chat rooms where moms candidly shared their experiences.

You may have found us because you’re having issues after delivery or you’re thinking of having a baby and have some concerns.  Get informed.  That’s the best thing you can do for yourself.  Check out our website, ask your doctor lots of questions and most importantly open up to other moms.

We hope this website helps.

Andrea and Kira



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