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"What’s urinary incontinence?”

So you probably didn’t think that becoming a mom included buying diapers for your baby AND for you!!

It’s true, pregnancy and delivering a baby can stretch or injure muscles and nerves that affect the pelvic floor muscles.  These muscles and nerves are important to maintaining the integrity of the pelvic floor  and keeping your pee and pooh inside you!

And let’s face it, it can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and not exactly sexy, but having some sort of incontinence is very common after delivering a baby

FACT: Of the 3 million women who have vaginal deliveries each year in the U.S., 5% to 30% will become incontinent of urine. That number increases to 60% by menopause.
– Dr. Roger Goldberg in Ever Since I Had My Baby.

Looking for proof that you’re not alone with your leaky bladder? Check out how large the women’s incontinence section in your local drug store is – in the U.S. it’s a $10 billion business annually!!  And it’s not just old ladies buying these products.

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